Gandhi Ji once said, “By education I mean drawing out the best in child and man, body, mind and spirit.” As such education stands as a means and instrument of inculcating in man the best of human culture coupled with spiritual values and virtues. It shows humanity the right path by teaching the lofty ideals cherished by a culture over centuries of collective and civilized living. It has rightly been said ‘Learning is a means to liberate.’ True education liberates one from superstitions and other blind practices which have pushed the mankind into the dark alleys of communal hatred, violence and mutual distrust. Apart from developing professional efficiency and intellectual powers coupled with imparting knowledge, it is the highest responsibility of education to develop such human values as affection, love, peace, purity, truth, non-violence and compassion.

Education Wing : its Birth

Keeping the propagation and inculcation of these lofty ideals as goals of attainment, the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation of the Brahma Kumaris established the Education Wing in 1982. Since its very inception the Education Wing has kept in mind the social and spiritual attainments that must be attained by humanity if man wishes to survive and grow on the path of moral and spiritual development.

BapDada’s Inspirations

After the formation of the Wing and formulating certain specific goals and ideals when the whole project and objectives were presented before BapDada, He conveyed His satisfaction at the Wings’ enthusiasm and utility of their plans and schemes. He said:

“It is good that each wing is serving their own cause, and that the Education Wing is doing it with enthusiasm. Each one is racing very well with one another. Seeing the zeal and enthusiasm of all the children, BapDada is pleased at showering them with flowers of love. You may makVa little effort, but that should be with love. Education consists in doing good work in culture, spirituality and building character. The Wing should adopt schools and colleges. It should be done in such a persuasive manner that the whole school and college accept this spiritual knowledge. Of course they are not going to stop studying their own conventional knowledge but they should add spiritual knowledge in all theirclasses.”

When BapDada was informed in detail about the plans and strategies of attaining educational goals of the Wing, BapDada expressed His satisfaction and commending the efforts of the Wing, He said, “It is quite good. But you must show the results after achieving them so that others are also inspired to emulate your example.”